Ashley (thespiritroom) wrote,

i still feel small when i stand beside the ocean.

These last couple of days have been...super. I hesitate to say that because I don't want to jinx it, but they really have been great. We went to Joe's Crab Shack Friday night for Austin's birthday. I got to see Amanda and Kristin (!!) on Saturday. And on Sunday, I saw The Passion. It's awe-inspiring, heartwrenching, and just moving. That's all I can really say...except that it has prompted me to change for the better. :) Yesterday evening I went to Amanda's and we started was fun. Hadn't written with her in forever. And this afternoon, the girl from down the road came over and we went walking. The only thing about her is..I just don't feel right when I'm with her. I mean, she really is a nice person..but..she's not the best influence for me. I know this. :-/

Austin, my brother, also won his game tonight. Woo-hoo! If they win again Thursday, they go to the finals. I'm proud of him.

You know..I was thinking. I don't have anything really meaningful to say in here anymore. Meaningful to other people, I mean. What I write usually means something to me, but no one really comments on the entries I feel are most important or the most life-changing events I share. I was thinking of starting a more private journal..whadya think?

Love to you..'night.
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