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the passion's burning HOT.

ashFROMdaBLOCK: and i finally got the penny & me single. it was at wal mart and they had it under HOT SINGLES.. like 10 copies. imagine that!
ashFROMdaBLOCK: and NO one can tell me that Taylor's voice is not seductive and sexual.
ashFROMdaBLOCK: i want him. and i have never wanted him before. lmao.
ashFROMdaBLOCK: i just want to have an orgy with them
ashFROMdaBLOCK: is it too much to ask for
ashFROMdaBLOCK: they make me unbelievably horny
ashFROMdaBLOCK: why couldnt the song be
ashFROMdaBLOCK: ashley & me
ashFROMdaBLOCK: i mean really.
ashFROMdaBLOCK: so its official. im going to screw all of them. pass it on.

Sorry I haven't updated with anything meaningful lately. I've been writing more in my private journal..
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