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Aimless conversations 'bout the better days.. <--This animation is adorable. Garfield defines my childhood. Can't wait for the movie..:)

Dude, Zac Hanson is mega hot. I can't stop listening to "Misery".

I just need to say that Amanda is my best friend in the whole wide world. My dad has been SO anal lately, and I was breaking down, and she was there. Her and her mom are awesome. Despite what happened a while back, she is still my best friend and always will be...and it takes a lot for me to call someone a best friend because, as you know, I have my issues. Throughout all the pain I've been through, and all the crap my parents lives have caused me to endure..she's been just a phone call away. I thank God for her and Linda!

Waking up this morning thinking that this can't be real
They say there is nothing love can't heal
Won't you come on down so you can feel what I feel?


I listened to my old Michael W. Smith CD today, Live The Life, and I got inspired. His stuff is brilliant. He is brilliant. I want God to speak through me like that.

I want to study theology. And psychology. And religion. And photography. And music technology. And writing. I wish they had some sort of degree for all of that.

(Random note: I am soo sick of "Penny & Me". PLAY A NEW SONG.)

And these days, I wish I was six again

I remember when me and Amanda made mud pies for Jessica and tried to get her to eat them. And then when I got stung by a hornet 'cause she made me go up by the nest to perform the wedding ceremony between her and her invisible boyfriend. And I remember when we pretended her yorkie, Branday, was her baby. And that haunted house we did was mad scary! And I remember her birthday party. Since it was close to Halloween, they made some foods that resembled body parts and I had to stick my hand in the "brain" (spaghetti)! And then the time we met Hanson.. and the time after that.. And when Taylor remembered her.. and when we went to Chicago and "met" Michael Jordan. And when we tried to get into the eye-max theatre but they wouldn't believe I was eleven! And then when we met Kristin at Birthday Bash. And followed Hanson throughout Ohio, Cincy, Louisville.... fun times.

I had to reminisce. Sorry. It's my journal, dangit. ;)
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