Ashley (thespiritroom) wrote,

out my window, a memory. i'm dying inside; i know the way it should be.

I went to the library today. I love books. They temporarily let me live out someone else's problems and not think so much about my own. Some seem to think I'm weird because I read more than school assigns. I just happen to enjoy it? I could lie and say, though, that the library is my sanctuary. In fact, it makes me completely uncomfortable. Since the first day I walked into that place, I felt something was off. The people acted weird. I'd think for one to work in a library, you'd have to at least have a passion for reading... but these people seemed like they didn't care at all and were just there because they had to be. Bad attitudes. And I felt like I was being followed.

Hanson's new album will be out in April. I'm kind of excited but kind of just like "ehh..". It's not that I don't like their music anymore, I love it. I'm just no longer interested in them as people. If I go to another show, I will be surprised. Their music is still good, but I can't see me spending my money on Hanson tickets. Not anymore. Maybe this will change. I sort of hope it does. My Hanson "fandom" was something I could always sort of count on as being firm and steady..never changing. I mean, as much as I've changed throughout the past seven years, my love for Hanson hasn't changed much. I've just evolved into an "im so over their bodies and i don't wish to marry them anymore" state. I've actually felt like this for a quite a while. Actually, you may not even care. But it means something to me. Hanson's music was always there for me. It was almost like a religion.. or a drug. Sometimes I miss having something to base my life around, but now I have something real. I have God. After all, Hanson are just humans. They eff up, too. I mean, look at Taylor. *snickers* Sorry.. that was unnecessary.

I hope I win tickets to see Guster's afternoon show on Friday since I won't be seeing them with M5 and Mayer that night. To tell you the truth, I don't know much of their music, but they seem like cool lads. (Why did I just say lads?)

Drugs are stupid. I think I'm going to start a nonprofit organization one of these days for depressed and anxious people effected by divorce, drugs, abuse, and all that other crap so I can inspire people. Ha. Like that'll ever happen.

I had someone offer to design my CD cover. How exciting is that? I think this may mean I am getting somewhere.

Man, I so cannot wait to perform. Eek!

Water is so good. Why am I so thirsty lately?

You know what really gives me the red butt? That people are separated into social classes. Why can't people get over their egos and just love one another like Jesus does, selflessly? Why must we fight and kill over things that could be easily resolved with prayer and a little understanding and respect? Why is America turning on its president? Sure, he may not be making the decisions everyone agrees with, but still, he is our leader and we need to support him through thick and thin. After all, we did vote him in. And do you honestly think Gore could do a better job? coughNOcough. And if you didn't vote, you have no right to complain.

I don't know where that came from. Just frustration with society and the American people. Hell, we claim to be this mighty country but none of us can even agree to support our leader--the one who is making some of the most important decisions that will effect us.

I want a blueberry slushy. Gosh, I'm craving like a pregnant woman. Hah. Wouldn't it be funny if......nevermind.
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