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how strange it seems to be me if tomorrow i opened my eyes and i was someone else who would i be?

I went and saw The Passion again today, but I went with my mom and stepdad. They loved it. Again, I was greatly moved.

Lately, I've been struggling with God's will and what He wants me to do with my life. I know He has a plan and a purpose, but I haven't found it yet. Or perhaps I have, I just don't want to pursue it because i'm scared/skeptical/unbelieving. *Insert loooong sigh here.*

Music has always called me. I don't know if I need to follow that call. I don't know if it's from God. How can I tell that it's not the world wanting me to screw up? I have to walk by faith, and I know this, but sometimes faith is hard to grasp. Please pray that I find some. Maybe I just need to step out with God, my guitar, and a couple hundred dollars in my pocket. I might not have a destination just yet, but I can at least have fun getting there.

And then flippin' logic sets in. If I could attack it, I would. It crashes dreams. People crash dreams.


Taken from Dawson's Creek, Episode 516

Jen: Clever is distancing. Clever puts up this wall between you and the audience. So you can't trust clever.

Steve: I see. So in general, you trust passion. Has passion always steered you right in life?

Jen: Well, I mean, no, not in life, but...

Steve: but in art.

Jen: Yeah, but art is supposed to be passionate. Art is supposed to make you feel—

Steve: no, no. Life is supposed to make you feel. Art is supposed to make you feel good.

Jen: Is that all that art is supposed to do?

Steve: No, but if you need it to do more, then... maybe there's something wrong with your life.

Jen: Are you saying that there is something wrong with my life?

And I leave you with that, folks.
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