Ashley (thespiritroom) wrote,

Speed... how fast will it go.. can it get me over her quickly.. zero to sixty

My dog, Seinfeld, is so horny. Every day when I get home from school, he gets a boner. And the other night I was trying to go to sleep and he starting doing my I'm just like "whatever; it'll be over soon enough". Then he gizzed and my arm smelled like his piss. So I rolled back over and went to sleep. And today I caught him in the act of air humping. Quite amusing actually.. I'm going to try and catch it on tape. I don't know why, but the subject of sex just intrigues me. I don't know if this is normal.

In other news..I started a book this morning and finished it this evening. It wasn't great but it didn't suck. I feel like I related a lot to the character except that he often went off on random ramblings... hmm... ;)

I have never craved water really.. but right now I do. How weird is that?

My dad announced to my family that I "made a new friend". Of course he doesn't know that this friend is a stoner. She asked me yesterday to get high with her and I was like "nah"..but she convinced me to at least go with her because she said she hates smoking pot alone. So we walked down my street and she commenced to get really fucked up in this tunnel under the road. I didn't even know it was there. Anyway, I just sat there on the concrete and watched her inhale through her coke can. And it was funny. Not funny, really, but something like out of a book. The situation was kind of new to me. I've never been stoned with anyone my age before. And I wasn't stoned then, I just definitely got a huge breeze of it. And then she came to my house and we tried our hardest not to let my dad know what was up, but I could tell that he knew something was different because my dad is not an ignoramus (how do you spell that anyway?). Or maybe that was just my paranoia. Hell, I don't know.

So I really need some sleep so I'm going to get off here. stepmom, Deanna, is going to talk to the homeowner's associaton of our neighborhood to see if they can hire me to do their website..I'm sort of excited, as this means I can have sort of a job that I kind of enjoy.

I'm going to go lay down with Seinfeld now. I'll update you tomorrow on his sex drive.

Oh dear. He has another erection.

Who uses the word 'erection' anyway besides school counselors?
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